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Is leasing right for you?

Leasing: A Consideration

11th December 2017 | morphsites Support

Whether you are looking at leasing because you want to drive the latest models or to have better flexibility which in many cases means lower payments. Getting a good deal is always guaranteed to give you a lift. Be aware that car leasing is not for everyone. Have a look at the below information, to confirm if vehicle leasing is right for you:

Make sure you know all of the charges involved at the start of the lease: you may possibly have to pay additional charges for going above and beyond contractual conditions, for example excess mileage charges for going above the contracted mileage or a repair bill for any “damage” deemed to be outside the realms of “fair wear and tear”

Leasing is not for everyone so make sure you know what you are getting into before signing any papers. You can find out more with regards to whether leasing is the right option for you, simply by getting in touch with us.

There are many reasons to consider leasing a vehicle and, of course, many alternate reasons to consider buying a vehicle. These reasons are very different from one another because, naturally, buying a vehicle outright or by means of a loan, is significantly different from leasing a vehicle, however, leasing should still be given as much thought and deliberation as purchasing a vehicle.

If you think leasing is for you take a look at the advantages of leasing a vehicle:


Less financial impact

Your monthly payments are significantly lower, usually around 30 to 60 percent lower, than hire purchase agreements would be.

Shorter length terms are also put on leases, giving the ability to drive a different car every two or three years, depending on your overall lease agreement.


Less worry

One of the biggest worries when it comes to car ownership is the bills if, or sometimes when, something goes wrong.

With leasing a vehicle, however, the terms of the lease typically match up with manufacturer’s warranty coverage. This is an easy way to manage repairs, as the lease usually ends when engine parts run out of warranty coverage and it becomes the manufacturer’s problem, not the driver’s.

In addition to the standard leasing agreement matching and not exceeding the warranty of most vehicles, you also have the flexibility to add a maintenance agreement into the standard lease, this then covers you for other bills you may incur such as tyres and servicing. (The exact cover a maintenance agreement gives you, differs from funder to funder)


Less Hassle

Instead of spending money and time advertising your old vehicle to be able to replace it, as you would with a purchased vehicle.

Leasing gives you a degree of freedom, towards the end of your contract we will always contact you to run through your options, if you do wish to have a new car, we will arrange the new vehicle for you* and arrange collection of your existing vehicle.


If you want to proceed with a lease, don’t delay, get in touch and let us show you what Tilsun Leasing Limited can do.

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