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'Summer Holiday' Traffic Set to Peak This Week

18th July 2018 | Mike Lamb

This week sees the start of the Summer Holidays for many schools across the country, the recent run of hot weather combined with the fact that "School's out for Summer" will see an estimated  9 million additional journeys being made over the course of this weekend alone, with many popular routes seemingly destined to become gridlocked.

The "fun" will begin on Friday afternoon where an estimated 3.8 Million leisure journeys will take place upto and throughout rush hour, combining the leisure traffic with the usual commuting traffic, the RAC have labelled it "Frantic Friday". The worst delays are expected on the M5 between Gloucester and Devon, the A303 between Hampshire and Somerset, the usually busy stretch of the M6 between J15 and J21a and also the North Wales Expressway from Chester to Conwy.

Traffic Jam

Given the additional traffic which is set to be on the roads, a single breakdown or collision could cause chaos, especially on roads which would already be busy such as the M5 and M6 as mentioned above. Friday isn't the "be all and end all" of potential traffic woes though, estimates show that Saturday will see 3.2 Million additional leisure journeys and Sunday will see an additional 2.2 Million leisure journeys.

In total, between Friday July 20th and Sunday August 4th it is currently being estimated that there will be an additional 34 Million leisure journeys - that is a lot of extra traffic on the roads and a lot more potential for delays, breakdowns and collisions.

If you don't want to be the guilty one sat at the side of the road broken down, a quick 10 minute check of your vehicle (and trailer or caravan if applicable) could save you and others hours of misery: Be sure to check your tyres (pressure and tread), oil and coolant levels. 
If you'd prefer to avoid as much of the traffic as possible it's recommended to travel either early in the Morning or in the Evening - this weekend it is suggested between 07:00 & 09:00 or between 19:00 & 21:00

If you're going away in the Summer Holidays, we hope you have a great time, avoid the traffic and most of all: stay safe.

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