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All-new Mercedes S Class gears up for launch

30th July 2020 | Steve Lumley

The new Mercedes S Class is set for an official launch in September 2020 and has been undergoing testing.


This is the impressive new Mercedes S class with all-new bodywork and a new infotainment system.

Pictured here with its camouflage before the sleek lines are officially unveiled, drivers will also get to enjoy augmented-reality technology along with a very large portrait touchscreen for the infotainment system.

The ‘Hey Mercedes’ voice-control functions have also been upgraded and there are biometric security features installed.

Plug-in Mercedes S Class hybrid model

Also, Mercedes has confirmed that there will be a plug-in Mercedes S Class hybrid model available which will deliver around 60 miles of electric-only range.

The S Class is renowned for its excellent levels of driving experience and the new car promises to be an impressive flagship for the marque.

Along with the firms’ active body control suspension system, there are more environmental sensors and support for the driver when manoeuvring at low speeds.

The main aim, Mercedes says, is for its S Class to deliver accident-free driving and they are striving to reduce a driver’s workload while behind the wheel.

Mercedes S Class’ driving and safety assistance systems

This means that when danger threatens, the Mercedes S Class’ driving and safety assistance systems will respond to either prevent or mitigate potential collisions.

The very large car is also easier to park with a new 3-D 360-degree view assist and active parking assistant.

There's also active blind spot assist and rear axle steering, which features an electric motor to help turn the rear wheels in either the same or the opposite direction to boost steering and control when necessary.

This system will be particularly useful by reducing the turning circle – by 2 metres says Mercedes - since the system will offer stability by counter-steering and deliver manoeuvrability.

Suspension system for the S Class

Drivers will also find that the suspension system for the S Class will lean actively into bends, much like a motorbike rider will do, in an effort to boost the ride.

There are some design clues from other Mercedes' cars - the grille resembles the one used for the GLS and the LED headlamps are like those from the E-Class.

The S Class silhouette remains the same, however, and the cabin will be a spacious and premium environment to enjoy.

There is still no indication of the powertrains to be used and what the exact spec will be yet. The prices will be revealed closer to the September launch and it’s likely the Mercedes S Class will be a very popular choice for executives.

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