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England will become the first country to have EV Charge Points in every new Home

17th July 2019 | Mike Lamb

In an unprecedented move, the Government is seeking for Electric Car Charging Points to become mandatory in all new-build homes in England.

The UK is woefully behind in the rollout of the infrastructure required for Electric and Hybrid vehicles and this move would propel the country forward and would no doubt have a direct effect on the take up of Electric Vehicles. Whilst this is only at the "strategy" stage, the Department for Transport has announced a public consultation on the subject with an audience of house builders. If the plan goes through, it would immediately change the building regulations for new home; insisting that EV/Hybrid Car charging is available in all new-build homes. This move would not only make the switch to an electric vehicle much easier for new homeowners, it would also ease some of the burden on the Government's home charger subsidy scheme, which has been utilised by nearly 100,000 homes.

Whilst this is all well and good for new houses which have off-street parking, what about the 1000's of houses built each year without off-street parking? Well, there will be solutions available for those too as charging technology continues to advance in leaps and bounds. The 2 options which immediately stick out would be "hidden" chargers which will rise out of the pavement or potentially, wireless charging technology.

The UK have been slow to take up the ever-increasing number of EV and Hybrid vehicles but the encouragement will soon start to ramp up, the Government are committed to their "Road to Zero" strategy which will see sales of any new car without electrification banned from 2040; a strategy which will cost around £1.5 Billion to implement, additionally the Government is also targeting for the UK to be Carbon Neutral by 2050 - so there is a lot of ecological and "green" moves which need to be made.

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