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Honda CR-V refresh will impress

30th November 2020 | Steve Lumley

The Honda CR-V has been revamped for 2021 - and it is still a great car leasing choice.


The impressive Honda CR-V has been refreshed to deliver better comfort levels, efficiency and style.

The 2021 model is available from this week and as a midsized SUV, it offers space and great handling.

Prices start at £30,180 with the interior and exterior designs being tweaked.

Honda is also adding wireless smartphone charging to the EX trim, the range-topper.

Honda CR-V is a good contract hire car

The Honda CR-V is a good contract hire car that retains its efficient hybrid powertrain.

The power comes from a 2.0-litre petrol engine, two electric motors and the firm's innovative fixed-gear transmission.

The fuel-efficient hybrid offering has emissions of 151g/km and fuel economy of 43mpg.

The suspension has also been tweaked for better handling and there is improved comfort in the cabin.

CR-V uses ACE

The latest CRV also uses Honda's body structure design technology called ACE - which stands for Advanced Compatibility Engineering.

Honda says that the new platform will distribute crash energy more evenly and the SUV's active and passive safety systems have also been improved.

The most obvious changes for the latest CR-V are in the cabin with a new silver finish to the centre console and dashboard.

There are also new 18-inch alloy wheels plus privacy glass fitted as standard.

Hybrid CR-V

The hybrid CR-V offers 315Nm of torque and will offer drivers battery-power at low speeds to boost fuel consumption.

The electric power-steering system has also been revised to deliver better manoeuvrability when driven around town and at low speeds.

A spokeswoman for Honda told us, "The CR-V is an iconic part of the Honda range and it is fitting that the revised model takes on a challenging and changing marketplace.

"The 2021 Honda CR-V is equipped with the latest equipment and technologies to make consumers’ lives a little bit easier."

Honda CR-V is worth considering as a contract hire SUV

The Honda CR-V is worth considering as a contract hire SUV and while it is in a competitive segment, there's a lot to like about the latest improvements and it is still a comfortable and rewarding car to drive.

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