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Honda Urban set for 2019 Release Date

9th March 2018 | Mike Lamb

Following the unveiling of the Honda Urban concept at the Frankfurt motor show last September, Honda have now confirmed that there will be a production model available in 2019. The Urban (which is an Electric Vehicle) received a very warm reception from critics and the public, more than likely lending weight to Honda's decision to put it in to full production.

Making the announcement at this week's Geneva Motor Show, Honda confirmed that "very few" changes would be made to the Urban ahead of it's production, due in no small part to the positive reception it received last year as a concept. The main, and most obvious change which will take place is the inclusion of a 5 seat layout as opposed to the 2/3 seat bench from the concept.

The appeal of the Urban is evident for all to see, it seems to balance futuristic and "retro" design languages in a seemless, perfect balance. Although there is certainly hi-tech "gadgetry" at play under the skin of the Urban, there are more than just passing nods to cult classic cars of old (notably the Mk1 Civic and Golfs amongst others). Size-wise the Urban will definitely fall into the "Supermini" category, measuring in at under 4 Metres long and 10cm shorter than the Honda Jazz, whilst it is low slung and falls into the Supermini category, don't expect to be paying Supermini money for the Urban as it has been confirmed that it will be deemed a "premium model" by Honda.

Order books will open in early 2019 with deliveries expected towards the end of the year, whilst pricing and performance is yet to be confirmed by Honda, Dave Hodgetts of Honda UK expects the car to do well within the domestic market and is looking forward to testing people's "real attitude" towards the car - after all, it's one thing liking the look of a concept car and a completely different thing liking the look of a production car but potentially being put off by other factors (including the price).

So what do you think of the Honda Urban EV - A nice futuristic twist on a typical retro design? Or are you just not a fan?

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