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New-look Citroen C4 and e-C4 unveiled

19th August 2020 | Steve Lumley

The new Citroen C4 and the e-C4 opt for an SUV appearance


A new Citroen C4 and e-C4 are heading to the UK with the French carmaker ditching the hatchback-style for a new SUV look.

Also, the e-C4 is a new electric variant being added to the range for the first time.

This means that the Citroen C4 will be the first in the Citroen line-up to be offered with conventional diesel or petrol powertrains, along with a pure-electric offering.

There's no doubt that as more of us opt to buy SUVs or crossover vehicles, the hatchback market is struggling.

Third-generation of the Citroen C4

And now the third-generation of the Citroen C4 has been redesigned as a coupe-inspired crossover vehicle.

Also, the exterior styling for the conventional powertrains and the electric version are the same - except with some minor blue detailing for the e-C4.

The new car has a 380-litres boot capacity, and wheel sizes are from 16- to 18-inches.

It's also much larger than many rivals, particularly the Volkswagen Golf.

Interior is fairly similar to the current Citroen C4 Cactus

The interior is fairly similar to the current Citroen C4 Cactus, but there's a new digital instrument binnacle and a 10-inch infotainment display.

The centre console now dominates the centre of the cabin, and along with smartphone compatibility, there's also wireless smartphone charging.

The new cabin also adds 39-litres of extra storage in the shape of 16 compartments that are found around the interior.

The new model offers the firm's 1.2-litre three-cylinder PureTech petrol engine with outputs of either 99 bhp, 128 bhp or 153 bhp.

There is a diesel option with a 1.5-litre BlueHDI engine producing 101 bhp.

These are mated to a six-speed manual gearbox, or the firm's eight-speed automatic transmission. All power will be delivered to the front wheels.

Interest in the Citroen e-C4

However, there is likely to be a lot of interest in the Citroen e-C4 which uses a 50kWh battery that will power its electric motor to produce 135 bhp.

The motor sits on the front axle to help it sprint from 0 to 62 mph in 9.7 seconds and then on to its top speed of 93 mph.

The WLTP range is 217 miles and this is on a single charge.

Citroen says that using a fast charger will see the battery being recharged in just 30 minutes, while a domestic wall box charger, will take just over seven hours.

Get this car on personal contract hire

Citroen also adds that the C4 will have a new hydraulic suspension to help make smooth progress over rough roads.

The new Citroen C4 and e-C4 will arrive in showrooms in January with prices similar to those being offered now - and there's no doubt that along with being a value for money offering, the C4 and e-C4 also make for decent leasing car leasing choices.

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