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Plug-in hybrid Skoda Octavia is unveiled

30th October 2020 | Steve Lumley

The impressive Skoda Octavia range now has a plug-in hybrid choice.


The new plug-in hybrid Skoda Octavia sees the carmaker extending its electrified range, and it's a cracking offering for company car drivers.

That's because the new plug-in hybrid has an 85kW motor that is mated to a 13kWh battery pack.

This will deliver an all-electric range for the Octavia of 43 miles.

That's a huge attraction for commuter drivers, though the Benefit-in-Kind (BiK) rate of just 6% means that this is a great car for company car drivers to lease.

Skoda says that its new model is also its most fuel-efficient Octavia ever with fuel economy of up to 283mpg, and with emissions of between 22 and 33g/km.

The plug-in hybrid Skoda Octavia

The order books for the plug-in hybrid Skoda Octavia open in November, and there are two body styles to choose from.

The Octavia is available as either an estate or a hatchback, and there are two trim choices - the SE L and the SE Technology.

The model features a 1.4-litre petrol engine with four cylinders to deliver the cruising abilities, while the 85kW electric motor delivers the zero emissions and high levels of torque.

Drivers get to enjoy a hybrid system producing 204 PS, with impressive torque of 350Nm.

It helps too that there is a 'hybrid' driving mode so drivers can use the Octavia's electronic control unit to assess the driving situation and then decide between using the electric motor or the petrol engine.

Charging time for the Skoda Octavia plug-in hybrid

The charging time for the Skoda Octavia plug-in hybrid will take 3.5 hours when using a standard workplace or domestic charging point – with the car’s charging cables being kept in a special storage compartment in the boot.

Another big attraction is that while the Octavia uses battery power, the car will decide when it should draw that power from the battery or start recharging it using recovered energy.

There are also some equipment enhancements over the standard model, including 17-inch alloy wheels and decorative door sills.

For those who are interested in a plug-in hybrid, the Skoda Octavia offers not just a great handling and comfortable family car, but one that is cheap to run and it makes for a sound car leasing choice.

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