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The all-electric BMW iX3 breaks cover

20th July 2020 | Steve Lumley

The first fully electric BMW X model has been revealed.

This is the first fully electric BMW iX3 and it will reach our showrooms in 2021.

It's the first model to have a pure electric drive system for drivers to buy or lease - along with efficient diesel and petrol engines and the option of a plug-in hybrid system.

BMW fans have been waiting a long time for the iX3 to be unveiled and the carmaker says this model will travel on a full charge for up to 285 miles.

The specification and prices will be revealed in late 2020.

BMW iX3 has its power provided from a 282bhp motor

However, we do know that the BMW iX3 has its power provided from a 282bhp motor and is capable of a 0 to 62 mph sprint time of 6.8 seconds. It will then go on to a (restricted) top speed of 112 mph.

That means it is a faster car than the xDrive20i.

There is an 80 kWh battery on board to deliver the range of 285 miles and 80% battery capacity can be recharged in just 34 minutes using a 150 kW public DC charger.

For those using AC charging at home, the recharging time will take longer.

Better range for motorway driving

BMW says its new battery will offer greater efficiency and better range for motorway driving because it is more 'energy dense' and lighter than previously.

The car's advanced energy recuperation system will work with its satnav information to adjust automatically the level of brake regeneration it will undertake according to the road and conditions ahead.

It's also noticeable that the BMW iX3 will feature new alloy wheels and grille and blue accents to make it stand out from its diesel and petrol-powered siblings.

The interior is also familiar with those who are X3 fans though there is a new steering wheel and a blue-circled BMW badge.

Get this car on personal contract hire

The new car will also feature over-the-air software updates and the firm's intelligent personal assistant has also been upgraded.

It also appears that the BMW iX3 will be the first of many electric choices in the firm's range as BMW moves towards its electric car ambitions.

This means that in future, all BMW models will be offered with electric, hybrid, diesel and petrol-powered options and BMW is also promising big advances in automated driving as well as digital and connected services.

As mentioned, the full specification and price have yet to be revealed but it is expected that the BMW iX3 will cost more than the diesel and petrol-powered versions which start at £40,000 and could be up to £20,000 more. Only time will tell ...

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