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Stay Safe In The Snow

The secrets to seasonal driving you didn’t know

11th December 2017 | morphsites Support

Out of all the seasons, winter is very much the one which requires the most due care and attention. Adverse weather and longer periods of darkness are just some of the side effects of seasonal driving.

It’s an unfortunate issue which shows no sign of slowing, while matters are only made worse by those of us who would rather choose the comfort of our own vehicles than use public transportation.

When the roads become congested and the weather deteriorates, it’s important to keep a cool head. The following winter driving tips are designed to help you cope better during the harsher winter periods, making your journey a safe and enjoyable experience.

Coping with winter driving

Here’s what can help keep you safe on the roads and prevent a potential breakdown as the weather takes a turn for the worse this winter…

Antifreeze – you should stock up on antifreeze during the winter to prevent your engine from seizing up. Many cars have water pumps, which help keep the engine cool during high use periods, so you need to ensure this doesn’t become an issue when the temperatures plummet. Contact your garage for usage tips.

Road map and torch – in case your vehicle does succumb to the conditions, you should prepare yourself for the worse. Having a road map and torch on hand can help you get your bearings and identify close by resources such as petrol stations, garages and supermarkets.

Battery – a flat battery is the most common flaw of winter driving. Typically, the systems your vehicle uses the most in the colder months – lights, wipers and heaters – will drain the battery more so than usual. You should ensure that it is fully-charged before making a long journey and, if necessary, replace it immediately.

Fuel – you should always have at least a quarter of a tank in case of any unexpected delays. Hopefully it shouldn’t come to it, but with the unpredictability of the weather it will likely lead to more traffic and congestion.

Lights – remove any build-up of snow and ice from the lights and ensure that you can see the road ahead clearly while in use. Bring a set of spare bulbs if necessary.

Tyres – it is recommended that you should have at least 3mm of tread on your tyres during the winter months. This will help provide more traction and in turn, maintain its handling on the icy surfaces. Consider purchasing winter tyres for increased safety.

Windscreen – clean the windscreen of any dirt or residue as it may affect your vision. You should also consider renewing your wiper blades if they are worn or damaged.

Screen wash – use a 50% mix of a good quality screen wash to reduce the chance of freezing in frosty weather.

Locks and door seals – it can be more than just an annoyance having your doors freeze shut on you, so in order to prevent it from happening add a thin coat of polish or vaseline on rubber door seals. A touch of WD-40 in locks can also stop them from freezing.

The best family driving safety tips this winter

If you are planning on doing much driving with your family during the Christmas period, it’s important to remember that you will be quite error prone. This is because of the conditions and the fact there will be more motorists than usual.

In order to keep your family safe, here are some of the most useful family driving safety tips for when you’re out and about this winter.

- We all know that children can become restless quite quickly – the same can be said for some adults too – so keep them entertained with activities and secure their seat belts

 - If you see yourself fatiguing make sure you take regular breaks or share driving responsibilities with your partner

- It is especially recommended you share driving responsibilities if it is a particularly long journey

- If you do have to pull over, give yourself and other road users plenty of distance to avoid incidents

- Slow down and drive carefully, there is no rush and you will only be teaching your children bad habits.

Seasonal driving can have an adverse effect on your performance, so finding a vehicle that can cope with the conditions is essential.

Here at Tilsun Leasing Limited we have an incredible selection of multi-purpose vehicles from some of the industry’s leading manufacturers, meaning there’s something for everyone. As one of the UK’s premier car leasing companies, we ensure that all our vehicles are safe and reliable to use all year round.

For more information on how Tilsun Leasing Limited can help you, please get in touch with one of our experienced advisors today on 01606 545 900 or visit our contact page.

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