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One-in-Five still using their phones whilst driving.

1st March 2018 | Mike Lamb

It's been a year since tougher, more expensive penalties were put in place for people caught using their phone whilst driving. 12 months on and a recently completed survey suggests that a large number of us still aren't put off the idea of using our mobile device whislt on the move. After a survey of 2,000 motorists it became apparent that checking phones for messages is by far and away the most common way to break the law behind the wheel with a staggering 21% of those surveyed confessing their guilt.

In addition to the 21% who admitted to general use of their phone, 14% of those questioned admitted that they still spoke on the phone whilst behind the wheel and willingly accepted inbound calls to their device whilst driving.

However, actual use of the phone whilst driving drops significantly upon further questioning, with 69% of respondents confirming that they only use their phones whilst stuck in traffic or "moving slowly" with 92% of those surveyed indicating that they ignore their phone completely when driving at speed.

Regardless of the speed at which you are driving or the level of interaction with your phone, the fine is the same - 6 Penalty points and a £200 on the spot fine, for that cost surely that email/snapchat/whatsapp/notification can wait until you're at your destination?

However, it isn't just social pressure which sees us reaching for our phones - in a recent report it was found that 38% of businesses expect their commercial drivers to answer calls whilst out on the road. That figure rises to nearly half of companies (49%) when you focus on larger companies with between 500 and 1000 employees.

Do you use your phone whilst driving? Were you aware of the increased penalties which are in force?

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