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Volkswagen Polo Leasing

About Volkswagen Polo

Exclusive Volkswagen leasing deals and our hottest contract hire offers.


Volkswagen have set the world-leading standard for city-car performance and great value for money. Founded in 1937, the German brand started in the hopes of making cars more accessible to people in a time where in Germany cars were a luxury. This is where the name comes from, which translates to “the peoples car”.


The first car they created was the Beetle in 1945, which has continued to be one of their most iconic vehicles on the market. Since then they have only gotten better, with various models available such as the Golf and Polo. With a commitment to refining their Turbocharged Direct Injection (TDI) diesel engines, Volkswagen continue to offer exceptional fuel efficiency and low emissions capabilities. VW originally became popular with their Beetle, which sold millions of units across the globe. Since then VW have become well known for their powerful engines and luxury driving experience, making Volkswagen leasing a popular choice for many.


Volkswagen are one of the worlds most well-known car manufacturers, with a long history of creating cars and a fantastic reputation behind them. Their diverse range of vehicles offer both performance and comfort, making them the perfect brand for any car lover. Their vehicles range from smaller cars like the UP, all the way to a larger family car like the Tiguan, so there really is something for everybody out there. They are probably one of the most diverse brands out there with so many options for you to browse and choose from.


Considering leasing a VW? With a wide range of VW Polo lease deals, VW Golf leases and much, much more, Tilsun's dedicated account managers will help you find the perfect VW leasing deal or contract hire option. Browse our latest offers or contact our team with your exact requirements.

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